If you have a lot of past due bills, charged off accounts and other negative accounts on your credit report that are causing your credit score to maintain a low average, then this can affect your life in many ways. Not only can creditors be relentless when it comes to harassing you over past-due bills, but you will also find it nearly impossible to be approved for a car loan, a home loan and new lines of credit. A bad credit score can even make it hard for you to get approved for a new cell phone and in some cases to be hired on with a new employer.

Filing bankruptcy can sometimes be the best way to work your way up to a good credit score much faster and with less difficulty. This article explains how to go from bankruptcy to a good score with as little work as possible.

Start off with a secured credit card

Once you have filed bankruptcy, it will take a while before you will be able to get approved for a traditional credit card. However, you can get a secured one right away. This type of credit card is one that you secure by putting forth the money first. Even though you have put your own money into the account, you will still need to treat it just as you would a regular credit card.

A secured credit card will report to all three agencies and you want to make sure everything they report is positive. This means, keeping a low balance on the card and making sure to pay more than the minimum amount due on or before the due date each month.

Monitor your credit reports

Join a credit monitoring program and check the status of your reports often. Any time you find something incorrect on your report, you should dispute it right away. Make sure you do this for all three reports.

Start off slowly

When you start to rebuild your credit, you want to open one new account at a time and give yourself time to acclimate to having that new account. This way, you don't find yourself getting in over your head again. Plus, opening too many accounts at once can lower your credit rating.

The advice given here is going to help you to get a good credit score for yourself not long after you complete the bankruptcy process. For assistance, talk to an attorney like Greg Dunn Bankruptcy Attorney.