Filing for bankruptcy can be a trying time, as such, it might not seem like it makes much sense to hire an attorney to oversee your claim while money is tight. Yet, without an attorney, there's a lot that can go wrong, especially since there is a ton of paperwork and legal proceedings that go along with the process. With this outside help, however, you will be quite surprised to find out how much easier the process will be.

Why Should You Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney?

  • If you're thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you're probably already no stranger to having your creditors harassing you constantly. You're probably already aware of how stressful having people hounding you for money is, and an attorney can help put an end to these shakedown calls and threats of legal action. Your attorney will inform all creditors of your claim and in turn get them off your back.
  • An attorney might also be able to find different alternatives to filing for bankruptcy, since it is a rather weighty decision that will show negatively on your credit score for years to come. An attorney will look over your assets, assess the situation and make sure that filing for bankruptcy is absolutely necessary. 
  • Another thing an attorney can do is help you decide which chapter to take when filing for bankruptcy. As a layman, understanding the difference between the two can be very difficult and choosing the wrong path can cause your case to be thrown out of court and denied. With an attorney at your side, however, you'll be able to make the best decision and mitigate any potential risk since you'll be better informed about the situation. 
  • There's also a large amount of paperwork that has to be filed correctly and while you can do this on your own, there's always the risk that you might misfile and get your appeal denied. An attorney, however, will have intimate knowledge on where and who the paperwork must go to, as well as knowing the exact legal details involved in each one. In essence, an attorney will make sure, without a doubt, that your paperwork goes smoothly and that your claim gets processed in a timely manner. 
  • There's also a good chance that you might end up having to make several appearances in court, which during this trying time can put a huge emotional strain on you. A lawyer will keep a level head, making sure these hearings go smoothly regardless of your mental capacity during them.

So, as you can see, hiring a bankruptcy attorney, such as Morrison & Murff can go a long way in making sure your path to financial recovery goes smoothly as well as having the highest chances of succeeding. So really, you can't afford not to hire an attorney during these tough financial straits.